How it Works! 

Preview cart is a new feature that we’ve been implementing at Misha & Puff. It can be a little chaotic at launch time and we want you, our dear customer, to have all the time you need to browse our new collections. Although we can only make so many pieces per season we would love nothing more than to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want for their little ones. 

We’ve gotten feedback that products sell out while customers are still curating their carts. We wanted to give you a moment to decide on colors & sizes to make sure everything is perfect!

This page allows you to do just that, browse a collection before the launch date (we call it the preview page). You can even put items in your preview cart to check out at launch with ease.

Read these carefully to understand how it will all work!

How is the preview cart different from my regular cart?

Good Question! It’s a completely different cart than the regular check out process, you must make sure you check out with your preview cart through the preview page. Once a collection launches, you CANNOT add more items to this cart. You will be able to remove items, but you cannot add any more items or edit any sizes. Make sure to make all your sizing & color decisions before launch!  At the time of launch, you will be able to checkout with your preview cart.

To purchase additional items after launch, you must use your regular cart. Important note: Your regular cart will NOT have the preview items you have selected from the collection. 

* Remember, the two carts are not connected and have separate checkout processes!! *

Do I have to checkout with the same browser I used to put together my preview cart?

Yes (and this is very important!). 

You can only check out using the browser you used to create your preview cart. As an example, if you used Chrome on your computer to create your preview cart it will not be available on your mobile device, or through another browser like Safari. The reverse is also true, if you created your preview cart on your mobile phone, you need to check-out on your mobile phone. 

What do I do if the collection has launched and I don’t see a checkout button in my preview cart?

It’s possible you loaded the page before the collection launched. Refreshing your web page should show the checkout button, appearing as a tab on the right.

Am I guaranteed to get all the items in my preview cart?

Not always!

The preview cart does not guarantee items but it does make checking out much faster, saving you the stress of creating your cart the day of launch. Some inventory may not be available if others have completed their purchase before you. Inventory is checked at the time of checkout when you enter your payment details, and will prompt you with what is still in stock before proceeding.  This should alleviate the stress of shopping and rushing at launch, but you should still check out early to have the best chance of inventory availability.  

What happens to this page after the collection launches?

When you go to this page after the collection launches, you will be provided with a link to check out with your preview cart. After 24 hours, this cart will expire.

You will be able to remove items from this cart, but you cannot add any more items or edit any sizes. If you’d like additional pieces, you’ll need to use the regular cart on the site (the same one as always).

As a reminder, the two carts are different and do not overlap!

Suggestions on browser to make the feature most effective at launch time?

To make things as smooth as possible just make sure you've disabled content blockers, have a store account and are logged into it ( and have your contact info set up to pre-populate on your device.

We've tested checkout and do see contact info automatically filling out if you are logged in and have a saved address on your account, but do not see the credit card info filled out. Some devices allow you to save a credit card to automatically fill it out forms. Doing that it would save some time too.

Once the collection is launched, is the inventory locked in my cart?

As of now there is no way to lock inventory once someone is in the checkout page. Unfortunately it results in the domino effect that people tend to see. The checkout page itself is managed by the platform we use (Shopify), and is the same technology for all Shopify stores. There are some very tricky issues with doing this and at the moment Shopify simply doesn't support something like this.

The good news is that we are currently having talks with Shopify directly and are working with a Shopify checkout specific engineer to see what can be done about making this experience better for everyone! A worry-free checkout experience is our goal but it's going to take some work on both our end and Shopify's end to get there.